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These will be at end product Q1 and monetary value P1. Recent developments in the company covered in the profile help you track important events. For example when the payment is million Pound, and the recently exchange rate is 4.

A TNB group company is seen to form majority of Malaysia market for distribution transformers and as a result, the survival of the local manufacturers are solely depending on TNB group requirement.

If set up a new soft drink house must build a new mill and making more advertisement to advance their trade name so the start-up cost are expensive.

Large scale planning, huge sums of capital from overseas Tenaga national berhad essay hiring of foreign technical experts increase because of rapid increase in electricity demands. So that, such an industry construction, the manufacturer will frequently produces a volume less than the sum which would maximise societal public assistance.

In addition, to the areas in the east coast of Malaysia are also many places are not suitable for the entire year because the rainy season which causes the light rays of the sun to be short and strong storms can cause damage to a panel of solar cells that can cause loss to the TNB.

The company operates six thermal stations and three major hydroelectric schemes. It develops, operates and maintains a portfolio of power generating units. Firms holding patents or right of first publication can guarantee them sole rights to sell a merchandise or protect their rational belongings.

To prevent utilities from make use of this advantage, the government permits monopoly but regulates the industry. TNB does not expand this project for more places of Malaysia especially in cities like Kuala Lumpur, high population factor that prevents the development of this technology and it is not recommended its development in the metropolitan area as well as rapid development because it can reduce the intensity of light that can be received by the solar panels.

Furthermore, TNB covers end-to-end services such as repairing, testing, maintaining power plants, assembling and manufacturing high voltage switch gears and etc.

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After that, the signal will be go to the transistor used as amplifiers. In Malaysia, the exemplory case of oligopoly market are petroleum and automobiles where petroleum is identical while automobiles are differentiated products.

The new entrants might be lack of proprietary technology such that to become a player in the industry. This market is control by the big houses. Although, TNB is dominating the power supply market, with transmission and distribution equipment from foreign gigantic companies, such as ABB, Siemens and Samsung, the probability threat of substitution is still strong enough to overcome the domination of TNB in power supply market.

Competitive Rivalry Rivalry among competing firms in an industry is not uncommon feature. Two pieces of legislation were passed to replace the Electricity Act and to provide for the establishment of a new corporation. The sellers can never control the price of the duck on the market even if they have high production, it will not affect much for the reason that industry.

Key competitors — A list of key competitors to the company. There are some high exit barriers for the Tenaga Nasional Berhad that is once the company has already enter the utility business, the capitals invested in the assets are very high and specialised in the utility business.

Thus, the nature of competition would be intense and could be heightened with the presence of one or some of these factors.

Threat of new entry First of all, our government will decide whether to allow new entrants to enter in the electrical power industry or not.

The new entrants might be lack of proprietary technology such that to become a player in the industry. Get to know the background of TNB as an organization in this section.Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is the largest electricity utility in Malaysia and a leading utility company in Asia.

Listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia with almost RM billion in assets, the Company’s more than 33, employees serve an estimated million customers in. Introduction Tenaga National Berhad (TNB) is the major electricity utility in our country Malaysia.

Tenaga National Berhad (TNB) is the largest electricity utility in the region. With a history step over 65 years, TNB has an asset base totaling around RM billion, and also have full of experienced energy player in Malaysia.

This case describes the talent management practice of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB). It describes how the company selects and develops future leaders to ensure a smooth succession for important positions.

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This is done through the creation of a talent pool consisting of high performance-high potential managers. Members of the talent pool are groomed for succession to key leadership positions at.


Arrival of Delegates and Speakers: 15 & 16 September Arrival of Delegates and Speakers. Southern Power Generation Sdn. Bhd. named MARC’s Project Financing of the Year Tenaga Nasional Berhad (W) is the largest electricity utility in Malaysia. With our core business of providing electricity to the country’s businesses, homes and industries, we are a key contributor to Nation building.

Tenaga national berhad essay
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